How do I tithe to your ministry?

We appreciate very much your desire to tithe to the ministry, but Joseph Prince Ministries, Inc., being a TV broadcast ministry, is unable to receive your tithes. We believe that your tithes belong to the local church you are attending.

This is based on Malachi 3:10, where the Lord tells His people, “Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house.” We believe this storehouse today represents the local church, where believers are fed and cared for pastorally in their faith walk, and Pastor Prince’s heart is for local churches to be supported and not be shortchanged with respect to the tithe.

However, if you are not yet part of a local church and are looking for a digital church to attend, we would like to share that the ministry launched Grace Revolution Church (GRC) Online in the spring of 2021 with the purpose of providing an online, grace-based community for believers living in the US and Canada. If you would like to join GRC Online for its online church services and make it your online church, you may choose to tithe digitally to GRC Online.

Do know that our first priority and recommendation will always be for you to find a local church you can attend and be a part of regularly. The GRC Online option is to serve those who are currently unable to find a local church in the area where they live.

Ultimately, tithing is a very personal matter of worship. We encourage you to take the decision about your tithe to the Lord and allow Him to direct you regarding where you tithe.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider making a donation or an offering to the ministry to support the preaching of the gospel.

If your question has not been answered, please contact us here.